Shipping, and repair information

Can you come to my location to fix it? No, We don't go to customer's location, the customer needs to post their unit to us.

How can I get contact with you? You can contact us by email or phone, but on the phone we only take your details (such as model nr., type of car, brief explanation of your faulty equipment). We prefer you to send us the full details and explanation of your faulty equipments. As soon as we get your email we will get back to you.

Does the price including P&P? Yes it does. When sending your unit, please remove your radio from your car, package it securely and send it to us, ensuring that you include your contact details and fault description. When there is a delay in completing a repair we will inform you via email. We will repair and return it to you.

How long does the repair take? Please note, turn around is about 2 weeks. If there are any delays we will contact you by email. If your unit has suffered physical damage, attempted repair or water ingress then we reserve the right to return the unit to you un-repaired. If your unit has different faults then contact us for a quote. In case your unit needs additional repairs we will contact you with a revised estimate.

What are the charges if the unit proves irreparable? In this case £60 is the fee. Please note, sometimes the unit can work fine for up to a couple of weeks and suddenly stop for no reason, in this case please contact us. We will try to determinate the problem under warranty, but if we can't resolve it, we will offer a refund. £60 will be deducted from your original payment.

What is the repair warranty period? Warranty period for the repair is 3 month.

Where will the unit be sent for repair?

Gabor Nanai

80583 York House

Green Lane West



How can I pay my bill? We accept only bank transfer.